Macular Hole

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A macular hole is a hole in the center of the retina, it can cause blurred vision or portions of the vision to be missing. Dr. Fuad Makkouk is a fellowship trained Surgical Retinal Specialist and has all of the knowledge and tools to help fix your macular hole. Call or book an online appointment at Austin Eye Center today.

Macular Hole


A macular hole may have no symptoms, or you may notice a decrease in vision or portions of your vision missing.


There is no proven cause of macular holes, but most experts agree that they are related to advanced age or trauma. These two events can cause the jelly of the eye, the vitreous, to pull on the macula, thus creating a hole.


Not all macular holes require treatment. Fuad Makkouk, M.D. is fellowship trained at Yale University, and uses cutting-edge technology and imaging equipment to determine the extent of the macular hole. Dr. Makkouk then takes the time to discuss all of your treatment options in detail, including surgical interventions, such as a vitrectomy. During a vitrectomy for a macular hole, the vitreous jelly of the eye is removed, and then replaced with a gas bubble to place pressure on the retina. This pressure helps to seal the macular hole, which can then close.

Don’t take any risks with your vision. If you are having blurred vision, need a routine exam, or have a macular hole, put your trust in Austin Eye Center and Dr. Fuad Makkouk today.


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