Epiretinal Membrane

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An epiretinal membrane is a growth of scar tissue on top of the retina. This can cause a distortion of vision and make straight lines appear wavy. Dr. Fuad Makkouk, is an MD and was trained in cutting edge surgical retina techniques at The Yale University. He uses all of the newest surgical techniques to treat epiretinal membranes. If you have an epiretinal membrane or wavy vision schedule an appointment at Austin Eye Center today.

Epiretinal Membrane

An Epiretinal membrane is a growth of scar tissue over the center of the retina, called the macula. When this scar tissue starts to contract it causes wrinkling in the retina which can also be called macular pucker.


Macular Puckering or Cellophane Retinopathy can cause a distortion of vision causing blurred vision, waves in your vision, or missing pieces of vision. These vision changes can vary from very mild to severe, and tend to worsen over time


At Austin Eye Center Dr. Makkouk uses the latest imaging technology including swept source optical coherence tomography, which does a cellular level scar of your Retina to detect any epiretinal membrane. Based on your imaging and your physical exam, Dr. Makkouk will discuss all of your treatment options with you from simply monitoring to surgical intervention.


While there is no exact known cause of epiretinal membranes there are several risk factors including; age, history of Retinal Tear/Detachment, history of eye trauma, or a history of retinopathy such as diabetic retinopathy

If your symptoms are severe you may require surgical intervention such as vitrectomy to remove the epiretinal membrane. At Austin Eye Center in Austin, Texas we understand that surgery can be scary and Dr. Makkouk takes the time to discuss all options with you to help you feel comfortable. Don’t take a risk with your vision, schedule an appointment today with Fuad Makkouk, MD, a surgically retina trained MD from Yale University.


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